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Welcome to the home of the Hawes Family Association!

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about the Hawes family, the Hawes genealogy, and take advantage of the information about the family and its history that is available on the web.

Here you can get information about the  Hawes Family Reunion which has been  hosted in Hawesville, KY, and different areas around the country each year. You can explore the links on this page to learn about our ancestors, our rich family history,  famous Haweses, and so much more. Please check out our membership tab to learn more about becoming a member of the Hawes Family Association to receive our printed or emailed newsletters.

If your last name is Hawes or you have a Hawes in your family tree, there is surely a connection. We welcome you to explore that connection and learn about your large  and colorful family, enjoy the links and available information about Haweses,  check out the next  reunion, and perhaps become interested in your history and forebears.  Your comments are most welcome, there is a comment form on the Blog page.